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Introducing Smart IDLE™ 

A great way to warm up your Vehicle in the Winter!

Allowing up to 8 HOURS without the worry of a missed test! Whenever Smart IDLE™ is activated, retest requests are suspended until you want to continue driving!

Smart IDLE™ is perfect for:about-us

    • Warming up a vehicle
    • Driver Rest Stops
    • Leaving Your Vehicle Running

Easy to Use, Just Simply:

    • Provide the Initial Passing Breath Sample
    • Start Your Vehicle
    • Look at Your Handset for an Asterisk (*)
    • If You Have an Asterisk, Press #7 to Activate

When Activated, Your Handset will display IDLE 8:00
To Deactivate, Just Press #7 Again! Your Handset will ask for a test.

How can I get Smart IDLE™ Added to My Smart Start Interlock?

Smart IDLE™ adds just $10 plus applicable taxes to your monthly service cost!

  • Fill Out the Form at the Bottom of This Page! We’ll add it for your next service!
  • During an Installation: Ask an Authorized Smart Start Representative to add Smart IDLE™
  • During a Service: Ask an Authorized Smart Start Representative to add Smart IDLE™
  • Call Smart Start Canada’s Call Center at (844) 432-4776

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Smart Start will only share information with the client unless the client is under 18 years old. No information will be given to immediate family or a 3rd party. In the event that a minor requires interlock, then a signature from a guardian is required. Also, a guardian is required to be at the installation and removal of the interlock for anyone under 18 years old.



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