Introducing Smart IDLE™

A great way to warm up your vehicle in the Winter!

Allowing up to 8 HOURS without the worry of a missed test! Whenever Smart IDLE™ is activated, retest requests are suspended until you want to continue driving.

Smart IDLE™ is perfect for:

Smart Start 20/30™
  • Warming up a vehicle
  • Driver rest stops
  • Leaving your vehicle running

Easy to use! Simply:

  • Provide the initial passing breath sample
  • Start your vehicle
  • Look at your handset for an asterisk (*)
  • If you have an asterisk, press #7 to activate

When activated, your handset will display IDLE 8:00. To deactivate, just press #7 again. Your handset will ask for a test.

How can I get Smart IDLE™ added to my Smart Start Interlock?

Smart IDLE™ adds just $10 *(BC $15, ON $25) plus applicable taxes to your monthly service cost.

  • Fill out the form below and we’ll add it to your account and activate it at your next service appointment
  • During an installation: ask an authorized Smart Start representative to add Smart IDLE™
  • During a service: ask an authorized Smart Start representative to add Smart IDLE™
  • Call Smart Start Canada’s call center at (844) 432-4776

Add Smart IDLE™ to my account!

If you fill out this form at least 2 business days before your next appointment, it’ll be added to your interlock automatically!

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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.