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Program Fees
  1. A Smart Start technician will determine the Special Vehicle Fee on the day of install.
    Call Center representatives cannot determine Special Vehicle Fees due to the wide differences of ignition systems between each make, model and year of all possible vehicles ever manufactured.
  2. Includes the Loss Protection Plan (LPP) add-on.
  3. Violation Lock charges only occur when a VIOLOCK message appears on the device.
  4. One business day notice (24 hours) is required to avoid Missed Appointment charges.

Common Fee Examples

  • Install charges for 2010 Ford 150 in Alberta will be $252.00 without tax. This includes $145 for the install and $112.00 for the monthly charge.
  • If the client chooses two months Service for 2017 Chevy Sierra, and has VIOLOCK on their device. Charged in Manitoba for two months service $202.00, plus the violation charge of $55. Total: $257.00 plus tax.
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Smart Start will only share information with the client unless the client is under 18 years old. No information will be given to immediate family or a 3rd party.