The SmartMobile™ Advantage

Single, Easy-To-Understand Plan

The plan is same for all users, regardless of why or how it is set up. Our plan is straightforward without confusing terms or hidden charges.

Nothing to Buy

Your subscription includes equipment while on the plan.

No Minimum Commitment

Not dependent on the length of contract. Return the equipment and cancel anytime without penalty.

Simplified Pricing

The standard monthly fee is not dependent on frequency or type of testing, or how reporting is managed.


No charge for changes to test schedules, reporting, or additional on-demand tests.

Random Testing Capability

SmartMobile also features scheduled and on-demand testing.

Pricing in Canadian Dollars

No exchange rate concerns or foreign transaction fees.

Service Network Across Canada

Over 200 convenient locations for in-person training and service.

Canadian Customer Care Centre

Agents are available 24/7/365 to answer questions and provide assistance.

Enhanced Data Security and Privacy Protection

All data and records are securely stored right here in Canada!

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