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This install form allows you to book an installation of your interlock device quickly, without having to call the Smart Start Canada Call Center. Please ensure that all of the below information is accurate.
Information that is incomplete, or not accurate, will cause delays in the processing of your appointment.



Smart Start Canada ULC

Smart Start Canada ULC
Western/Central Canada: (844) 432-4776
Province of Québec: (844) 282-8300
Western/Central Canada
Customer Care Center Fax:
(587) 786-3917

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Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Code of Conduct

Smart Start will only share information with the client unless the client is under 18 years old. No information will be given to immediate family or a 3rd party. In the event that a minor requires interlock, then a signature from a guardian is required. Also, a guardian is required to be at the installation and removal of the interlock for anyone under 18 years old.

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Western/Central Canada: (844) 432-4776

Province of Québec: (844) 282-8300