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Interlock Frequently Asked Questions:

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Messages on the Interlock Display

What does “SLOCK@2d” or “SvcLock48hr” mean?
This means you are in service grace period count down and you have 2 days remaining before you lockout.

What does “VLOCK@2d” or “ViolLck48hr” mean?

This means you are in your violation grace period countdown and you have 2 days remaining before you lockout.

What does “LOCKOUT VIOL” mean?

This means you have a violation and have exceeded the violation grace period. You must now call 844-432-4776 to obtain a one-time unlock code in order to take the vehicle to a Smart Start service center.

What does “LOCKOUT SRVC” mean?

This means you have missed your monthly service and have exceeded the service grace period. You must now call 844-432-4776 to obtain a one-time unlock code in order to take the vehicle to a Smart Start service center.

What do “ Blow Harder” “ Hum Stronger” “Blow Softer” and “ Don’t Inhale” mean? What does “ABORT LOCK” mean?

Blow Harder means you stopped the breath sample too soon. Blow Softer means you are blowing too hard. Hum Stronger means that the hum tone is too soft. Don’t Inhale means you sucked air into the unit.

ABORT LOCK means you have exceeded the allowed number of aborts during a fifteen minute period.

How do I check my remaining violation points?

Press the # key and then the number 3 on the keypad.

How do I check my appointment time?

Press the # key, then the 1 key on the keypad to display your appointment time.

What do I do if I have a LEASED vehicle or one that is not registered to ME?

You need to have the REGISTERED OWNER of the vehicle specifically allow the installation using our ‘Permission to Install’ form (Click Here to Download), available on our website BEFORE your appointment. You will be turned away from the appointment without a completed and signed form and may be charged a missed appointment fee!

PAYMENT TYPES: Debit, Visa or Mastercard.

Few locations do accept Cash, however most do not. To be safe, use Debit, Visa or Mastercard. You may also purchase a pre-paid Visa card at most gas stations, and pay with that too. If you are unable to pay the full amount at the time of installation or service, you will be turned away from the appointment and may be charged a missed appointment fee!

I’ve heard about the possibility of a LOWERED BLOW? What is required?

Smart Start Canada has the ability to allow MEDICALLY-limited clients the possibility to have a lowered blow allowed by the interlock. To have your interlock modified to allow this blow, Smart Start Canada REQUIRES a Doctor-completed Medical Clearance submitted BEFORE installation. If you assume you will NOT be able to blow at your appointment for a medical reason, please make sure you see your doctor prior to your installation appointment.

What happens if I’m LATE to my appointment? If I miss some of my PAPERWORK? What about if I am unable to PAY?

Please think of your appointments the way you would for a Dentist appointment, it’s very much time-slot appointments. If you miss your time-slot, do not bring the required amount of currency/card or do not have required documentation before your appointment, someone else is in the next slot and you will be required to re-book the appointment and a missed appointment fee will be applied to your account. Please check this page (Click Here) for the required documents.

What are the Vehicle Requirements for Installation?

The majority of vehicles are able to be installed by Smart Start Canada Certified Technicians, however please make sure your vehicle is:
1. Electrically Sound. It must not be dangerous or have missing or bare wires. You NEED a good battery and alternator to make sure you have no issues throughout the program.
2. Safe to Operate. It must be drivable with safety equipment (hazard lights, etc) in working order.
3. Clean. Our technicians will need to get in-and-around the interior of your vehicle. If your vehicle is a bio-hazard, it will be turned away.
4. A working Odometer. This is a requirement of insurable vehicles, and we require it as well.

TRANSFER? What if I want to change vehicles, say I sold or replaced mine?

No problem! We’re here to help. You MUST bring both vehicles to your previously booked TRANSFER appointment. You can book it from the Manage Your Account page (Click Here) (Click on ‘Schedule an Appointment’ at the top of that page, and choose Transfer, fill out the rest of the form) or by calling in. There is a fee for this but it’s less then a Removal and an Installation.
If both vehicles cannot be brought in to the shop at the same time, you will have to pay for a Removal and then pay for a new Installation in the new vehicle. This does cost more money than a transfer, but you’re free to choose.

Do I, as the client, have to be there for the installation and/or removal?

Yes, even if you have a family member come to the appointment, you MUST be PHYSICALLY present to be installed or removed. There are no exceptions to this simply because we must be able to train you on our equipment!

Do I have to treat the technician well? Do you have an abuse policy?

Yes, please treat our technicians as well as you can. We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behavior to any of our staff, and you will be removed from the program if you are verbally or physically abusive or threatening. Abusive/Threatening behaviour can result in being removed from the program.

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