The SmartMobile™ Portable Alcohol Monitoring Device

The SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring device lets you combine regularly scheduled and random test windows, plus on-demand testing, to help at any stage during a monitoring program. Our mobile alcohol monitoring device is price-competitive, self-contained, discreet and does not require the use of a smartphone.

Our SmartMobile device operates on cellular network connectivity, and only requires calibration every nine months. In addition, the SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring device provides automatic retests following an initial violation.

  • More robust and less expensive than other portable alcohol monitoring devices.
  • SmartMobile data is readily accepted in court proceedings.
  • Real-time alerts via text or email about violations, fails, warnings, or other issues.
  • Ideal for all levels of risk.
  • Provides facial identification and optional GPS tracking.

See The SmartMobile Advantage Learn About the Family Law Program User Manual Quick Guide

With SmartMobile you’ll be able to:

  • Impose immediate sanctions.
  • Hold clients accountable.
  • Encourage change in alcohol-related behaviors.

SmartMobile Features:

Battery Life

Long-lasting battery can go up to five days on a single charge.

LCD Display

SmartMobile’s large, easy-to-read display makes portable alcohol monitoring easy.

Simple Menu

SmartMobile’s menu provides clear and simple access, with the device’s main screen displaying scheduled, or random, test windows.

Easy Charging

USB capabilities to charge SmartMobile on the go.

Removable Mouthpiece

SmartMobile’s removable mouthpiece allows for easy cleaning.

Built-in Camera

Built-in camera provides facial identification.
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