Customer Satisfaction Code of Conduct

Smart Start Canada’s Customer Satisfaction Code of Conduct[1]


Smart Start Canada ULC (“Smart Start”) supplies products and services for Ignition Interlock programs (“Programs”) in six Canadian provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. Smart Start’s products and services are supplied pursuant to contracts with provincial monitoring authorities.

In carrying out its contractual obligations to provincial monitoring authorities, Smart Start is committed to the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction in the industry. This commitment is reflected in the following Code of Conduct – a series of statements about the level of quality and performance Smart Start strives to achieve and maintain, and what program participants (“Participants”) can reasonably expect in relation to the products and services supplied to them. For convenience, these statements are divided into the following categories:

  1. Product-related (i.e. Ignition Interlock Device)
  2. Service-related:
    1. General
    2. Customer Care Centre
    3. Service Centres

In the event that Smart Start is believed to have fallen short of expectations as outlined in its Code of Conduct, Participants are invited to notify Smart Start by phone at 844-783-0981 or by visiting our website at and clicking on “Customer Experience”. All such communications will be promptly dealt with in accordance with a process for the handling of customer complaints consistent with ISO10002:2018 guidelines, and every effort will be made to resolve the matter to the Participant’s reasonable satisfaction. Smart Start also welcomes feedback apart from complaints. In particular, Participants are encouraged to contact Smart Start at any time with suggestions on how customer satisfaction can be improved.

  1. Product-related
    • The Ignition Interlock Device (“IID”) will comply with Program requirements.
    • The IID will be installed without damaging the vehicle or negatively impacting other onboard systems.[2]
    • The IID will perform reliably under normal conditions.[3]
    • Smart Start will repair or replace any IID which fails to perform as intended:
      • at no cost to the Participant if the failure is due to a technical malfunction; or
      • at the Participant’s cost if the failure is due to damage or misuse.
    • Upon removal of the IID, the vehicle will be restored operationally to its pre-installation state.
    • If permitted by the monitoring authority, the IID will include an override feature that will allow the vehicle to be started and operated in an emergency without first requiring the driver to take and pass a breath test.
    • If permitted by the monitoring authority, the IID will include an optional feature that will effectively interrupt retest requests for an idling vehicle as long as it remains stationary.[4]
    • If permitted by the monitoring authority, the IID will include a feature to temporarily restore functionality (for a fee) after the device has entered a permanent lockout state, so as to enable the vehicle to be driven to an interlock service centre.
    • If permitted by the monitoring authority, the IID will include a feature that will enable it to be bypassed or overridden while being worked on at a licensed repair facility without triggering a violation.
  2. Service-related
    1. General:
      • As valued customers, Participants are entitled to be treated by all Smart Start and contractor staff with courtesy and respect.
      • Smart Start will comply with applicable legal requirements and industry standards to protect Participants’ privacy and safeguard the confidentiality of personal information.
      • Smart Start will endeavour to make Program services available to Participants within a reasonable distance of where they live or work.[5]
      • Participants should not have to wait more than 5 business days for a service appointment.[6]
      • All fees for Program services will be governed by a fee schedule approved by the applicable provincial monitoring authority..
    2. Customer Care Centre:
      • Smart Start’s customer care centre will be staffed 24/7 to provide information and assistance to callers via a toll-free number.
      • Information provided by customer care centre representatives will be accurate and specific to the Program in the caller’s jurisdiction.
      • Information and assistance will be available in English and French.
      • The scope of information and assistance available through the customer care centre will include:
        • General information about the Program
        • Scheduling and rescheduling installation, service, transfer and removal appointments
        • Updating a Participant’s file
        • Payments and credits
        • Care and use of the IID
        • Device troubleshooting
        • Adding/removing optional features
        • Unlock/emergency override code
        • Having repair work done on the vehicle
        • Battery issues
        • Tow authorization
        • Service call/emergency assistance
      • Every effort will be made to ensure that:
        • Call wait times do not exceed 30 minutes.
        • Callback messages are responded to the same day.
      • Priority will be given to callers requesting an emergency override or who are having a problem with their IID.
      • Wherever possible, alternative sources of information and assistance to phoning Smart Start’s customer care centre will be offered. These will include:
        • Website:
          • FAQs
          • Fee schedule
          • Service centre locations
          • Training videos
        • Client portal
        • Mobile app
        • User manual
      • New Participants who schedule an installation will be informed of what documentation must be taken to their appointment and any other requirements that need to be met before installation of an IID can proceed.
    3. Service Centre:
      • Participants who arrive on time, with full payment and all required documentation, can expect an installation appointment to take 1.5 to 2 hours and a service appointment about 15 minutes[7].
      • Every Participant’s vehicle will be inspected prior to installation of an IID and its condition noted on a signoff form. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, the Participant may be required to have repairs carried out before an IID can be installed.
      • Training will be provided for the Participant as well as any other users of the vehicle.
      • A private area will be available for training and discussions with service centre staff.
      • Subject to monitoring authority requirements, every effort will be made to accommodate Participants with respiratory or hearing impairment issues.
      • At the conclusion of an installation appointment, service centre staff will ensure Participants are comfortable with how to use the IID, understand Program requirements, and know how to obtain additional information or assistance.
      • Participants should be aware that abusive or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in denial of service.
[1] Developed to comply with guidelines set out in ISO10001:2018
[2] Remote starters must be disconnected or disabled in order to install an IID that complies with Program requirements
[3] In this context “normal conditions” means that users will i) follow the instructions and recommendations set out in the User Manual; ii) refrain from misusing or causing damage to the IID; and iii) have the IID serviced as required
[4] Depending on the jurisdiction, this feature may be subject to a time limitation.
[5] This will vary depending on location and type of service. Smart Start’s goal is 100 km in urban areas and 200 km in sparsely populated areas. Participants in remote areas may have to travel further.
[6] Every effort will be made to troubleshoot a device issue within 24 hours and correct it within 48 hours.
[7] Times may vary depending on the vehicle, or if the service centre is very busy.

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