Program Information

Welcome to Smart Start!

Smart Start is the new SAAQ-approved Ignition Interlock provider for the Quebec alcohol Ignition Interlock program.

Smart Start will begin providing Interlock services to participants beginning on December 1st, 2018.

Some participants who are currently servicing with Guardian Interlock Services (GIS) will have to remove their GIS Interlock and have a Smart Start Interlock installed.

This page will outline the steps necessary to successfully transition from your current provider to Smart Start. The Ignition Interlock program is subject to conditions specified by the SAAQ.

How will I be notified if I must transition?

The SAAQ will identify you as a transitioning participant. You will be contacted by SAAQ via mail to inform you of the guidelines to follow to fulfill the transition from one provider to another.

Transition Process

  1. Transitioning participants must schedule their Ignition Interlock removal date with GIS. For this purpose, the removal appointment may be scheduled to coincide with your bi-monthly service appointment.
  2. Once removal has been scheduled with GIS, you will have seven (7) business days to schedule an installation with Smart Start. You can fill out our form online or call 844-282-8300 to schedule your installation.
  3. Smart Start will confirm your Ignition Interlock installation appointment with the date, time and location. This appointment should ideally be scheduled either on the day of, or the day following, the removal appointment of your GIS device.
  4. If the available Smart Start installation date does not coincide with the GIS removal date, Smart Start will provide the most suitable appointment date and time. You will be required to contact GIS to ensure these two appointments coincide.

Before beginning the process, please make the necessary arrangements to have a licensed driver with you at the time of removal with GIS. You will also need a licensed driver to bring your vehicle to your Smart Start service centre.

Missing Your Appointment

If you miss the installation appointment without a 24-hour notice in advance to Smart Start, the following will occur:

  1. You will be charged a missed appointment fee of $150
  2. Smart Start will immediately contact you to schedule a new appointment the same day. You will be advised that failure to attend may result in licence revocation by the SAAQ.
  3. Smart Start must contact SAAQ to advise them of your situation.

Bring The Following Documents To Your Smart Start Appointment

  1. Your alcohol or Ignition Interlock licence
  2. Valid vehicle registration certificate
  3. Valid vehicle insurance certificate

If one or more of these documents are missing or invalid, the service centre won’t be able to complete the service.

Smart Start Pricing

Installation No charge during the year of transition for participants targeted for transition.
Calibration/Monthly Services $61.00
Removal No charge


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